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Welcome to the Red Sea - About Us

Let us take you on a journey and describe our piece of paradise to you as food for your soul; and hopefully we will tempt you to taste it for yourself in reality.
The modern Egyptian Red Sea Riviera has all the amenities of a first class resort, and the infrastructure to support international tourism and even encourage people to move there permanently. But its cultural and natural attractions are what cannot be replicated elsewhere in the world. Throughout time various nations have invaded Egypt and stayed for hundreds of years, perhaps because of the hospitality of her people, perhaps because of the delicious food, or the wonderful weather. But this past has helped to make modern Egyptians warm and welcoming to all visitors, anxious to make their time in Egypt happy and memorable.
The pharonic era of Egypt is well documented and her people are proud of their place in the history of civilisations. No one should underestimate the awe of being in a temple that was already thousands of years old when Jesus was born, or seeing painted hieroglyphics in a tomb that still look as fresh as the day they were done. The Red Sea provides an excellent base for visiting ancient sites. But it is the Red Sea with the nearby mountains that makes this area of Egypt so magical.

Once you have seen it your eyes will want to stare at it forever, drinking its beauty, as it shimmers in shades of rich turquoise. And that is only its surface. Beneath it is another world of beautiful corals and amazing sea life that is accessible to everyone whether you chose a glass bottom boat, a snorkel or air tanks for a deep dive.
And so where can you stay to enjoy all these wonderful things? Well why not have your own piece of paradise to visit any time you wish, or treat your friends?
We are offering 1,2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments in this outstanding resort from only £1000 per Sqm The resort is just 10 minutes from the town centre of Hurghada, which has an international airport, hospitals and schools. But this is not an ordinary resort. 44million square metres of land stretched along the Red Sea coast are being developed as the luxury resort of Sahl Hasheesh. The resort will include hotels, 2 golf courses, an extended pier and marina, water sports as well as restaurants and shops
The exterior designs of all the buildings in the resort are controlled so that the themes throughout are maintained. However we have commissioned a young and up and coming architect to give us something special for the interior of our apartments. Our 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes are designed on an Andalucian theme that blends the ancient Arabic world to that of modern Europe giving cool uncluttered, but efficient, living spaces that are finished to the highest specifications as expected by international travellers. Our designs are attached. We can provide you with 1 of a range of furniture packages at an extra cost.

About the Company

Red Sea Riviera Properties is a family run company with marketing agencies in UK, Egypt, Germany, Norway and Italy.
With strong British and Egyptian roots, we build our developments to European standards while keeping an AndalucĂ­an architectural theme. The combination is magical.

We have our own lawyer based in Cairo, Egypt, who established 1956 who can work in English and Arabic, to execute our part of conveyancing and answer any legal questions you may have.


Our marketing department will be able to provide you with the following services:

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